Breath work is a habit we MUST all practice :By Misha Cavaye

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Breath work is a habit we MUST all practice :By Misha Cavaye Strength Coach South Bay Lakers

We take it for granted. We pay no attention to it. It’s 2nd nature, subconscious even. However before you are old enough to even realize it the rate of your breath is high all the time, wreaking havoc on your body, your mind, your whole system. Life & everything around you is geared to winding you up, engage you, distracting you. Occupying our minds with so many needless thoughts. The touch screen, cyber generation has only sped this up. But before our very 1st phone even we were experiencing stresses & traumas that have taken a toll on our breath rate, ultimately affecting our muscle tension & anxiety because all of it is related.

We live in a state of stress & it’s because there’s not enough mindfulness practice of oneself with too many distractions going on. Think about it, how many activities do you do a day that ramp you up & keep your mind occupied? Now compare that activities you do that calm you & soothe your brain, what’s your ratio? And be mindful of habits involving screen time too, be it TV or iPhone because constant input of info for the brain isn’t soothing for it, it’s only distracting it.

Every single human needs to spend time to ground themselves & their thoughts. When we say ground yourself, that means checking in with yourself & your breath. It means allowing yourself to feel, because too often we are too distracted to feel, unless it’s that pain signaling That’s when it’s too late.

Grounding yourself is about getting in tune with your breath, shutting off distractions, relaxing, getting a sense of your feet (or sitting bones) & your checking into your deep breath cycle. It’s about being completely present in the moment. It’s about valuing each breath to its fullest capacity. It’s about reeling yourself & your mind back in from the constant distractions, stresses & desires engaging it, engaging your breath & engaging your muscles tension.

To be honest there’s a million ways we can ground ourselves. Some meditate, some like walks, some do Tai Chi/Chi Gong, so do yoga, sound baths, floatation tanks, you name it, at the end of the day the common denominator will be breath work. Particularly deeper, fuller, slower breaths. Just something we aren’t doing enough of in life. Especially when it comes to night time which is why we have an epidemic of insomnia & poor sleeping habits in our generation today. Having trouble sleeping? How you live throughout your day sets you up for your night, let that sink in.

If you are going to practice some breath work what you want to focus on most importantly is exhaling all the way OUT. You can’t get air in, until you get it out first! This is huge…Humans typically are stuck in a state of inhalation because of how our stressful minds have programmed our breathing to be. Getting air in is not our problem, poor circulation of air is a big one we all have! So next before you go sucking all that fresh air in, wait & pause 1st, be in that moment for a few seconds & build that tolerance. You are only helping the circulation process, filtering out excess Carbon Dioxide, setting your lungs up for a big nice inhale with expansion & allowing you body to tap into its calming, parasympathetic state.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable & that is with exhaling until there’s nothing left & waiting a bit before we pull all that fresh air in. Appreciating each breath to its fullest.

Ask yourself…Did I GROUND myself today⁉️