About Us

When Money Mic, Stat Pat, and Simsta met as Season Ticket holders for the Los Angeles Lakers and NBA G-League South Bay Lakers they all knew something was missing in the world of sports shows and they knew exactly what that was…the Fans! They felt the void that was left by listening to the sports talk shows saying the same thing on every channel and the worst part is they were usually wrong! Fans know more than these so called sports professionals so a new sports fan was born, the Professional Fan.

Now with more than 2.1 million downloads per month, The Profanity Nation Podcast has cemented its place within the sports podcasting community and we have proven the need for more interactive podcasts exists.

The Profanity Nation is the essential sports podcast built by fans, Professional Fans to be exact! It’s not always about the X’s and O’s, sometimes it’s about heart. That’s what being a Professional Fan is all about.

We have fun diving deep into the topics that the other sports shows miss and we bring it to you raw and uncensored. Rare hard hitting interviews with NBA Players, Coaches and Super-Fans.

During our live broadcasts fans can call into the show or comment via YouTube, Facebook, Periscope or The Good News Radio App.

About Us